Custom Length APC OS2 Singlemode Connector MTP to MTP Patch Cord

Custom Length APC OS2 Singlemode Connector MTP to MTP Patch Cord

● Technical Information: FOCC's MPO/MTP® multi-fiber jumpers deliver the performance and reliability needed in today demanding high-speed...

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● Technical Information:

  The MTP cable uses a higher performing MPO connector, known as the MTP® fiber connector. The improved optical connector reduces the amount of insertion loss when mating with fiber optic networking equipment.

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  Each MTP cable with genuine MTP fiber connectors provides many advantages over a generic MPO connector. Including a higher efficiency fiber network due to reduced insertion loss and increased reliability due to increased mating count. The benefit of this improvement can be seen in large networks where many multi-fiber connectors are deployed. This includes 40G or 100G systems in which optical power may be a significant economic or technical strain.

 MTP cables are available in various multi-fiber configurations such as MTP-MTP with fiber counts of 8 to 144 fibers. As well as MTP-LC breakout cables, and MTP trunk cables for 40G/100G networks.


MTP to MTP Patch Cord


► Telecommunication Networks;
► Data Communication Networks;
► Optical System Access Networks;
► Broadband / CATV Networks;
► Equipment / Switch Interconnections.

● Assembly Structure Illustration:

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-1

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-2        MTP to MTP Patch Cord-3

  high-quality Plenum approved fiber optic cable is 40/100 gigabit rated MTP / MTP (MPO). It features 12 fiber strands with an Aqua Blue colored jacket. Plenum cable is jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket. Local building codes may require all cables run inside the walls or ceiling be Plenum rated. OM3 Multimode cables can come with many different fiber optic connector types and a couple different core sizes. This particular 40/100 gigabit Multimode fiber optic cable offers MTP connectors, is and has a 50/125 micron core.

● The basic division of MTP® connectors:

Type and Color
 Code Connectors

InsertionLoss (IL)

 Return Loss (RL)


Single-mode MTP® Elite® Connector

0.10 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.35 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Single-mode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1

> 60 dB (8°Angle Polished)2

-40℃ to 75℃

Multimode MTP® Standard Connector

0.25 dB Typical (All Fibers) 0.75 dB Maximum (Single Fiber)1,3

> 20 dB (0°Flat Polished)2,3

-40℃ to 75℃

1 IL test according to IEC 61300-3-4;
 2 RL test according to IEC 61300-3-6;
 3 Tested with proposed encircled flux launch condition on 50μm fiber & 850nm per IEC 61280-4-1.

● Recommended buffer fiber and color-coded connectors:

Cable Type

Single-mode MTP® Elite®

Single-mode MTP® Standard

Multimode MTP® Elite®

Multimode MTP® Standard

Bare Ribbon

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-6

Mustard Color

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-7

Green Color

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-8

Aqua Color

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-9

Beige Color

Flat ribbon Cordage

Cable Ø 2.0mm

Cable Ø 3.0mm

Cable Ø 3.6mm

Cable Ø 4.5mm

Cable Ø 5.0mm

Cable Ø 5.5mm

● Typical applications and wire map:

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-4

MTP is a perfect solution cable. It can bridge over older legacy 1G/10G networks to the 40G/100G networks. By using a MTP to LC breakout cable you can connect 12LC connections to single MTP device. You can also use the 12 strand MTP cable to use as a trunk line on the backbone of your network. As you can run a single cable to connect 12 devices the higher density is is perfect to condense the amount of cables you need to run, also saving on installation labor.

● High Density MTP® / MPO Cabling System In Dada Center:

MTP to MTP jumpers

MTP to MTP Patch Cord-5

MTP to MTP cables

Our advantage:

  FOCC provides dedicated service from one to one from the beginning of the order, and provides strong technical team support to provide satisfactory answers for your connector solutions. We guarantee that the quality of all products is high-quality products, and we promise to replace all of them for free if quality problems occur.

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