1x4 PLC Splitter, Mini Module,LC/UPC

1x4 PLC Splitter, Mini Module,LC/UPC

Optical splitters, also known as fiber splitters or passive optical splitters, are core optical components that distribute a beam of light to multiple optical fibers, commonly used in passive optical networks, primarily a single optical fiber. The transmission optical signals in the distribution are distributed to a plurality of terminal users according to a certain ratio, so that multiple terminal users share a PON interface.

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Product Details

1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini Module, 900μm, LC/UPC



1 4 PLC Fiber Splitter LCUPC3.jpg1 4 PLC Fiber Splitter LCUPC2.jpg 


1 4 PLC Fiber Splitter LCUPC4.jpg1 4 PLC Fiber Splitter LCUPC1.jpg 


1x4 Blockless Fiber PLC Splitter, Singlemode, 900μm Fiber, LC/UPC Connector

 Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology. It features small size, high reliability, wide operating wavelength range and good channel-to-channel uniformity, and is widely used in PON networks to realize optical signal power splitting. Gigalight provides whole series of 1xN and 2xN splitter products that are tailored for specific applications. All products meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements.

 Technical specification

Package Style

Mini Module

Configuration Type


Fiber Type

Singlemode G.657A1

Connector Type


Fiber Diameter


Fiber Length


Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Loss Uniformity




Polarization Dependent Loss


Temperature Dependent Loss


Wavelength Dependent Loss


Operating Bandwidth


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



Product Highlights 

Blockless PLC Splitter

v 1X4 PLC splitter, uniform distribution of optical signal

v Small size, with the splitter type of mini module, LC/UPC connector

v Ideal for EPON, GPON, FTTH/FTTX network

1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini Module, 900μm, LC/UPC 

Perfect Details of 1X4 Blockless PLC Splitter

1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini Module, 900μm, LC/UPC-1  

Simple and Easy Connection

Blockless PLC splitter can be easily installed in fiber splice closure, optical distribution box for space saving and no need to splice.

1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini Module, 900μm, LC/UPC-3 

Product quality control

FOCC pays attention to the performance value of each product. Each product we provide is professionally designed and well-tested to ensure its excellent performance. In the test center, whether it is a professional tester or an advanced testing equipment, we strictly control every detail and strive to provide customers with the best quality products.

1x4 PLC Fiber Splitter, Mini Module, 900μm, LC/UPC-4 

Frequently asked questions

1,Q:What kind of material do you use?

A:Take fiber patch cord an example, the dominant body is anaerobic copper, the sheath has PE,PVC,LSZH and so on.Can be customized according to customer demand.

2,Q:Do you provide any sample?

A:According to your demand,sample can be sent to you once confirmed.The sample amount can be deducted in next formal orders.

3,Q:Could I order a small quantity for the first stage ?

A:Yes, we accept small order.

4,Q:How do you arrange OEM and ODM?

A:You can send us your design and drawing, and we welcome you to visit us for authorization and incumbency discussion.

1x4 Blockless Fiber PLC Splitter, Singlemode, 900μm Fiber, LC/UPC Connector


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