ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 1x16 1x32 1x64 Optic Splitters With No Connector For FTTH Fiber Enclosure

ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 1x16 1x32 1x64 Optic Splitters With No Connector For FTTH Fiber Enclosure

Planar lightwave circuit (PLC) splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology to distribute optical signals from Central Office (CO) to multiple premise locations. The ABS box type PLC optical splitter uses a plastic ABS box to protect the optical waveguide chip and the optical fiber array board, and has a high level of protection performance, and is suitable for direct application under the construction conditions. Users can customize the ABS box type PLC optical splitters with different split ratios, different cable lengths, and different connector types according to requirements.

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Product Details

1x8 1x16 1x32 1x64 PLC Fiber Splitter, Splice/Pigtailed ABS Module,

2.0mm, SC/APC




FOCC  1x32 PLC Fiber  Splitter, SplicePigtailed ABS Module, 2.0mm,  SCAPC.jpgFOCC  1x32 PLC Fiber Splitter, SplicePigtailed ABS  Module, 2.0mm,  SCAPC.jpg 

ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 1ABS-PLC-Splitter-1x8-1x16-1x32-1x643

ABS-PLC-Splitter-1x8-1x16-1x32-1x64ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 4

PLC Fiber Splitter, Splice/Pigtailed ABS Module, 2.0mm, SC/APC

Planar Lightwave Circuit splitters, which base on the more recent Planar Lightwave Circuit technology, offer a better solution for applications where larger split configurations are required. They support wavelengths from 1260 to 1650 nm, a wide range appropriate for wavelength adjudication. Besides, the temperature range (-40 to 85 ℃)is workable for PLC splitters, allowing for their utilization in extreme climate..


Technical specification

Package Style

ABS Module

Configuration Type

1x8 1x16 1x32 1x64

Fiber Type

Singlemode G.657A1

Connector Type


Fiber Diameter


Fiber Length


Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Loss Uniformity




Polarization Dependent Loss


Temperature Dependent Loss


Wavelength Dependent Loss


Operating Bandwidth


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



Product Highlights

Blockless PLC Splitter

Low Insertion Loss.

Low PDL.

High Return Loss.

Uniform Power Splitting.

Wide Operating Wavelength.

Wide Operating Temperature.

Good Environmental Stability.

High consistency

Fiber Optic CATV

Fiber to home(FTTH)

Passive Optical Networks(PON)

Local Areal Networks(LAN)

Fiber communication systems


Perfect Details of 1X32 ABS PLC Splitter

FOCC  1x32 PLC Fiber Splitter, SplicePigtailed ABS Module, 2.0mm, SCAPC.jpg  

Structure and Dimension

With standalone structure, clearly fiber input and fiber out entrance, ABS PLC splitter can be used dircectly for splitting using.

The loss is insensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted light and can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths.

Uniform light distribution allows even distribution of signals to users.

Compact structure, small size, can be directly installed in the existing transfer box, without special design to leave a lot of space for installation.

A single device has many shunt channels and can reach more than 32 channels.

Multi-way costs are low, and the more branches, the more obvious the cost advantage

ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 5

ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 6

ABS PLC Splitter Termination Box

Like the two types of PLC splitter termination box mentioned above, this ABS PLC splitter termination box can accommodate 1×32 and 1×64 ABS PLC splitter. And its box has two cable ports, 10-14mm cable diameter capacity and three splice trays in maximum. Capacity of main backbone cable is 12 simplex fibers. It is suitable for corridor, basement, room and building’s outer walls application with the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions.

AABS PLC Splitter Termination Box9

Apart from the classification listed above, fiber optic splitter termination box also can be classified in terms of the capacity of ports such as 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×16, etc.

ABS PLC Splitter 1x8 9


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