2x8 PLC Splitter ABS Box,SC/APC

2x8 PLC Splitter ABS Box,SC/APC

The PLC Splitter is an integrated waveguide optical power distribution device based on a quartz substrate. As with coaxial cable transmission, optical network systems also need to couple, branch, and distribute optical signals. This requires optical splitters to implement. At the same time, there are multiple inputs and multiple outputs. The ABS box optical splitter has a good protection for the internal optical components and cables. The design is simple and the installation is reliable.

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Product Details

2x8 PLC Fiber Splitter, Splice/Pigtailed ABS Module,

2.0mm, SC/APC



Planar lightwave circuit splitter (PLC Splitter) is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology. It features small size, high reliability, wide operating wavelength range and good channel-to-channel uniformity, and is widely used in PON(EPON/GPON) networks to realize optical signal power splitting.

We provides whole series of 1xN and 2xN splitter products that are tailored for specific applications. All PLC Splitter products meet GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE requirements.


Singlemode 2.0mm G.657A1, 1260-1650nm, can be widely used in CATV, FTTH, PON systems.

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2x8 PLC Fiber Splitter, Splice/Pigtailed ABS Module, 2.0mm, SC/APC

Technical specification

Package Style

ABS Module

Configuration Type


Fiber Type

Singlemode G.657A1

Connector Type


Fiber Diameter


Fiber Length


Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Loss Uniformity




Polarization Dependent Loss


Temperature Dependent Loss


Wavelength Dependent Loss


Operating Bandwidth


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



Product Highlights

Blockless PLC Splitter

2X8 PLC splitter, uniform distribution of optical signal

Small size, with the splitter type of mini module,SC/APC connector

Ideal for EPON, GPON, FTTH/FTTX network

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Perfect Details of 2X8 ABS PLC Splitter


Structure and Dimension

With standalone structure, clearly fiber input and fiber out entrance, ABS PLC splitter can be used dircectly for splitting using.

The loss is insensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted light and can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths.

Uniform light distribution allows even distribution of signals to users.

Compact structure, small size, can be directly installed in the existing transfer box, without special design to leave a lot of space for installation.

A single device has many shunt channels and can reach more than 32 channels.

Multi-way costs are low, and the more branches, the more obvious the cost advantage.



Factory introduction

FOCC is a company specializing in the production and sale of fiber optic and fiber optic cable related products. The main products include fiber jumpers, outdoor optical cables, indoor optical cables, pigtails, PLC splitters, adapters, FBT couplers, attenuators, connectors, media converters, patch panels and connector packages. Suitable for fiber optic communications, local area networks, FTTH, CATV, high speed transmission systems.



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Yes ,we are manufacturer ,but we can accept OEM service with OEM package ,you just need to send us your detailed requirements.

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