Optical Fiber Jumper Production Technology Process-1

- Jul 13, 2020-

2: prefabricated cable production technology process in bulk, wi

1, ready to work

1.1 according to the requirement of the production of single ready to corresponding tools and raw materials, auxiliary materials (material box/rubber sheath/stop ring/ring/tape).

1.2 check way station on the bulk, and transfer of semi-finished products.

2. Operation method

2.1 confirm that all materials and production task carefully.

2.2 six put on all the parts.

2.3 use bulk tape on the cable, the reserved section 0.6 0.75 m.

2.4 to make a good record of operation in detail.

3. The matters needing attention

3.1 do not wear the wear parts direction.

3.2 bulk, do not wear more or less wear.

3.3 fixed parts must be tidy on the cable.

3.4 maintain a clean and tidy working mesa, parts should be material box placed in accordance with the regulations.

The preparation of the adhesive work instructions

  1. The job name

  2. The preparation of the adhesiveRange.

  3. Allocate 353 nd glue

3. The use of machines and toolsAccording to measuring cup, electronic scale, bamboo, paper towels, ultrasonic cleaning machine.

4. Prepare

4.1 the said measuring cup is clean.

4.2 say cups on the electronic scale, and then to electronic scale back to zero.

4.3 353 nd ready for adhesive and curing.

5. steps

5.1 according to the required amount to 353 nd gluing crowded and curing crowded with 10:1 ratio, respectively, in a measuring cup.

5.2 with a bamboo stick in said cups even mixing clockwise for 5 minutes, make them fully.

5.3 glue crowded after mixing air bubbles, the bubbles with ultrasonic cleaning machine processing twenty minutes separated off completely.

6, matters needing attentionGlue quantity according to the production, use time shall not exceed 2 hours.

Fiber optic insertion and heat curing wi

1, job nameFiber optic insertion and heat curing

2. Using rangeSuitable for all kinds of optical fiber connector.

3, the use of machines and tools

Oven (including chuck), small scissors, adhesive paper, miller, alcohol, wipe paper, paper towels, hooks, and appropriate work.

4 · prepare

4.1 before starting this procedure, first, must according to the production task is unqualified, before a single procedure after confirmation can make the following operation.

4.2 open the kao furnace power supply, check the time and temperature is in accordance with the requirements.. 5 steps

5.1 the optical fibre connector according to article 10 a set of fiber.

5.2 then dip in with wiping paper to a small amount of alcohol to clean optical fiber surface.

5.3 check after cleaning of fiber surface is clean.

5.4 with a thin rod (pen) in the vertical direction of two toggle fiber, such as fiber optic crack, peel fiber and check again.

5.5 will have clean fiber from the end of the adhesive has good absorption of insert core insert. Insert, with one hand hold has good absorption rubber insert core, another hand optical cable, optical fiber will be prepared through from the bottom of insert core, until 10.9 inserted to the bottom of the insert core optical fiber coating, fiber optic stretched out from the top insert core. Pullback fiber about 1 mm, to confirm whether the broken fiber.

5.6 all determine correct after the insertion, dip in with bamboo stick to squeeze a small amount of glue, the glue squeeze shaping into a tapered at the end of the core, and on top of the insert core optical fiber point gluing.Above

5.7, after the completion of each process will insert the plug of the fiber core on chuck with small sticker place, put the chuck on curing oven.

5.8 curing after 30 minutes, oven red lights. Check curing is complete, brown on the adhesive squeeze, use the appropriate tool touch your performance after a certain hardness. Do not conform to the requirements, shall be appropriately extended time, until it is qualified. Meets the requirements after turning the screw.Remove the chuck. Using appropriate tools to break out at the top of the insert core optical fiber, tore to small sticker, remove the plug core from the chuck, then hang up the cable, to the next working procedure.

5.9 correct operating a summons.

6. Temperature and time control

6.1 a week, thermocouple thermometer monitoring and record each oven, the highest temperature detection with thermocouple thermometer continued contact detection head groove side of the clamp, continuous observations show that temperature, record the highest temperature. Testing down the oven when the protective cover to avoid the outside world affect the temperature.

6.2 should be 97 ~ 103 ℃, the highest temperature oven does not conform to the requirements, should be a corresponding increase honestly oven temperature control knob and test again, make it meet the requirements.

6.3 oven knobs set for 30 minutes, can be adjusted according to the experience in plus or minus five minutes. Curing time with color and hardness of the adhesive squeeze accurate, may be extended in advance or corresponding curing time.

7. Matters needing attention

7.1 if the fiber is broken in the insert core, to timely processing, wire out broken fiber, rubber suction after redo insert.

7.2 heat curing, the screw cannot twist too tight on both sides of the oven, so as to avoid discharge after curing.

7.3 pay attention to the fiber surface coating layer is clean, otherwise affect the strength of the adhesive connection in the core.

7.4 must keep the insert core surface and oven clean, dealing with residual glue mark at any time.

8. The related recordsOperating a summonsThe oven temperature time record

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