New Generation SG Fiber Optic Connector FTTX Quick Connector VF-45

- Jan 04, 2021-

A new generation of SG optical fiber connector
The optical fiber connector is commonly ST, sc, FC mode of joint. Its use is not very convenient, every do a joint or jump line need to use heavier, complex machine equipment such as optical fusion, and need more manpower and time.

With the rapid development of computer and network requirements, the common use of copper network cannot have satisfied the speed of the data in the future, voice, VoD and other multimedia data transmission needs. In optical networks in bandwidth, transmission rate, real-time, confidentiality, transmission distance, etc advantages, our network must be toward the direction of light.

Now put forward the slogan is "fiber to the home, fiber to the village". That bodes ill for the future optical fiber will be used as network mainly on the physical structure of the main transmission medium. It will be on the main network speed reach Gbps as basic units, reached an unprecedented high speed information channel. According to the current ideas, people and trunk in line 5, 6, 7 class to guide transmission channel into his own home. Make yourself at home can enjoy the benefits of the information highway. But that there is an implicit transmission bottleneck: main cable, and the branch with twisted pair, the differences of two transmission medium on the physical structure is more on this decision is not match with each other, both in the era of rapid development, now technology such implicit bottleneck will lead to future network reconstruction and expansion of a lot of trouble and unnecessary economic burden. Although such bottlenecks, currently using optical network users or very few, this is due to some disadvantages of the current optical networks. The main disadvantage is that:
(1) price is high
(2) termination process complex.

The optical fiber connector is commonly sT, sc, FC mode of joint. Its use is not very convenient, every do a joint or jump line need to use heavier, complex machine equipment such as optical fusion, and need more manpower and time. Make the fiber like ordinary twisted pair into the family of ordinary PC become very complex. Medium and optical fiber is more delicate, it can't be arbitrarily curved like regular twisted-pair at a discount. Optical fiber break she will not be able to use once. So the current optical fiber and its interface is not suitable for the family of complex construction. 3 m engineers and scientists in the United States, now has better solved the influence fiber in the network cannot replace the disadvantageous factors of copper. The other people exciting technology is the innovation of 3 m company in optical fiber connectors. They apply in space technology, a fiber optic connectors, invented the twisted-pair cable joint appearance with ordinary 8 core RJ - 45 similar special fiber VF - 45connector Connection with optical fiber is like five line and line pressing clamp connection using 8 core RJ 45 sub - as convenient, use a dedicated line pressing bench with a pressure molding. She provides great convenience for optical fiber to the desktop. VF in 1998-45 as the core, has set up a industrial alliance, VF - 45 has become a industry standard of optical fiber, the desktop. Key members of the alliance with optical fiber industry leaders, big companies. Mainly include: 3 m,corning、Siemens、EATM、火卫一、Gemflex、Racore, etc. VF - 45 as the core to form a network system has been considered the most valuable to the user Optical fiber network solution to the desktop (and this is the development trend of network)VF - 45 of the main features are:OVF - 45 joints is double core processing, that is, a joint can deal with two optical fibers, the density is small, with "also make joint cost greatly reduced (general ST, SC connectors with a single fiber) is a joint, joint and socket directly connected with insert mode, 45 the connecting way of joint and RJ - exactly the same, very convenient.(2) it is made a pair of fiber cross section directly contact each other, not the outside world, can make the light transmission signals can be smoothly.There are several key techniques:1) light module of optical fiber is along a triangle of micro slot to termination of the heart, physical technology is based on triangle only determine a circle, ensure that fiber is stable in the slot. Optical fiber has a reflectivity in cross section connection, through extensive research and test engineer, to get a best Angle oblique octave, the optical fiber in the Angle of oblique octave connection, the reflection is minimal.

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