- Nov 16, 2020-

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) developed a standard that provides for flexible, robust high-performance local area networks. This high-speed, 100 megabit per second standard is called the fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI). The Molex family of FDDI connectors utilize pre-polished and pre-radiused ferrules. When combined with the unique Molex termination process, these connectors produce quick and consistent FDDI terminations. The type of port and service on the connector is easily identified by the color coded and polarized keys provided with these connectors. Adapters are available in a variety of mating and mounting configurations. All are made of strong and durable engineering polymers and have either precision zirconia ceramic or polymer alignment sleeves. Polarity maintaining and color coded keys, that are compatible with the port designation on the connector, are provided with the adapters.

Features & Benefits

•Multimode performance
•Fully compatible with ANSI FDDI standard
•RoHS Compliant ? Floating and self-aligning ferrule design
•Positive latching mechanism
•color coded keying for service identification 
•Pre-polished and pre-radiused ferrules

Technical Info

Durability: 0.1dB (FOTP-21A, 1000 cycles cleaning every 100 cycles)

Storage ºC: Min. -40 Max. +80

Operating ºC: Min. -40 Max. +80

Thermal Shock: 0.1dB (-40ºC to +60ºC, 10 cycles)

Temp. Cycling: 0.1dB (-40ºC to +80ºC, 40 cycles)

Humidity Cycling: 0.1dB (FOTP-5, type 1 +60ºC at 95% RH for 504 hours)

Cable Retention: 0.2dB (FOTP-6, 50 lb. load without adhesive)

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