Current Situation Analysis Of Global Operation Market

- Nov 05, 2019-

Current situation analysis of global operation market

2.1 71 countries around the world are actively considering issuing 5G spectrum licenses
2.2 Status of 5G investment construction of global telecom operators
2.3 Wei Leping talks about ROADM evolution: clarify six technical directions
2.4 China Mobile Releases “Double Thousand Plan”: 5G+ Fiber Broadband
2.5 Equinix, Google, NTT and other investment expansion / new data center
2.6 China Mobile 2015-2019 PON collection scale
2.7 China Mobile 2019-2020 PON Collection Results (Partial)
2.8 Three major operators promote the collection of optical modules
2.9 Other collection and investment trends of operators

71 countries around the world are actively considering issuing 5G spectrum licenses

Current situation analysis of global operation market

According to data from the GSA, as of the end of August 2019, 71 countries and regions around the world are actively considering issuing spectrum licenses for 5G. The FCC said it will auction a 70MHz 3.5GHz CBRS (Public Wireless Broadband Service) band on June 25, 2020. The FCC sees the 3.5 GHz band as the main band for 5G services, and is also studying how to release the 5G C-band spectrum (C-band between 3.7GHz and 4.2GHz, currently used for video transmission).

Status of 5G investment construction of global telecom operators

5G investment and base station construction plan for the three major operators in 2019

Three Removed Samsung 4G equipment from the UK, all replaced Huawei equipment
Vodafone launches 5G network in 7 cities in the UK. Some devices are provided by Huawei.
Vodafone announced 5G tariffs starting from RMB 198
 Deutsche Telekom announced that it will push 5G network in Germany and cover 20 cities next year
Orange, Spain plans to deploy 5G technology by 2020
Verizon launches MiFi device in its fifth 5G city
AT&T is expected to launch a nationwide 5G mobile network in the first half of next year
AT&T plans to provide high-speed wireless Internet access to rural households with 5G
T-Mobile test independent 5G promises to launch commercial in 2020
Japan officially issued 5G commercial licenses to operators
Korea Science and Information and Communication Technology Department: South Korea 5G opened for 5 months, users exceeded 3 million
The first 5G pilot application of China Radio and Television Network was opened
China Unicom released 10 billion 5G innovation fund
Suizhong Unicom assisted Shaanxi Electric Power to complete 5G coverage of the first 750 kV substation in Northwest China
ZTE Corporation Helps Zhejiang Unicom Complete 5G New Smart Metropolitan Area Network Pilot
Jiangsu Unicom and Huawei complete the construction of commercial 5G Gigabit boutique demonstration zone
China Unicom carries Huawei to achieve 5G SA network +5G commercial mobile phone measured downlink rate over 1Gbps
Jizhong Mobile and ZTE promote MTN series standards for 5G bearers officially established in ITU-T
Zhai Zhongxing completed 5G core network SA mode scale user performance test in China Mobile Lab
China Mobile leads the implementation of SPN series standard for 5G bearer network in ITU-T
Guangdong Telecom joined hands with China Unicom to open the first 5G joint construction and commercial site in China
Operator5G expensesBase station construction planning
China Mobile24 billion (17 billion)>50,000
China Telecom9 billion40,000
China Unicom60 to 8 billion>40,000 (17,000)
total390-41 billion>130,000

The impact of 5G joint construction and sharing on the optical communication industry

• Base station: The analysis believes that Unicom and Telecom can jointly build or reduce the number of 5G base stations by 20-30%. Assuming that the total number of two buildings is 2.6 million (4G base stations)*1.5=3.9 million, the total number of shared or reduced 78-117 Million.
• Front light transmission module: The demand for the front light transmission module is reduced by 468-702 million.
• The addition of radio and television to 5G construction is expected to increase construction demand by 10% (about 300,000 stations). Therefore, as a whole, the impact on the industry is limited.

ROADM Evolution: Defining Six Technical Directions

China Telecom's first backbone ROADM network has been in operation for one year. At this stage, the provincial trunk line and the provincial trunk line will be applied in scale. Wei Leping said that in 2019, there were 466 backbone ROADM nodes in China, and the maximum node capacity of the CTC backbone network was 370 Tbps. There is already a need for 32-dimensional WSS (up to 300 Tbps).

Regarding the subsequent evolution of ROADM, Wei Leping proposed six directions:
1 First, increase flexibility, move from CD to CDCC, and achieve optical path freedom;
2 Secondly, increase the dimension, increase the capacity, and meet the network node capacity requirements;
3 Third, enhance intelligence, achieve the best route with the whole network view, so that the delay and cost are the lowest;
4 Fourth, shorten recovery time and meet higher quality business needs;
5 Fifth, cutting function, reducing costs, extending to the metropolitan area and even the access network;
6 Finally, the upgrade to OXC is implemented, and the increasingly complex fiber-connected ROADM is replaced by an all-optical backplane to realize technical innovations such as full-fibre-free optical port interconnection, achieving higher dimensions, larger capacity, lower power consumption, and higher reliability. Sex and simpler and safer operation and maintenance
ZTE won the bid for the construction of ROADM network in the northwest region of China Telecom in 2019
ZTE official website August news: China Telecom 2019 100G DWDM/OTN equipment collection project (the first batch) winning results announced, ZTE comprehensive ranking first, won the largest share, winning the world's largest all-optical ROADM network - China Telecom 2019 Construction of ROADM network in the northwest region.
The collection is the largest regional ROADM&100G OTN network collection in China Telecom in recent years, and it is an intelligent ROADM wave division network at the backbone network level, covering ROADM network construction projects and five chain-type national trunks in the northwest, southwest and northeast regions. 100G DWDM system construction project, all loaded with WASON network technology.
This Northwest Regional Network uses ZTE's all-optical crossover technology to support the 96-wave optical platform.

Equinix, Google, NTT and other investment expansion / new data center

Current situation analysis of global operation marketData Center Investment Construction News
1. Equinix will form a $1 billion European data center operator with GIC. In July, Singapore government investment companies GIC and Equinix announced that they have agreed to jointly establish a joint venture in an 80:20 ratio and acquire more than US$1 billion in Europe. And develop 6 hyperscale data centers.
2. NTT Com will build JKT3 data center in Indonesia In July, NTT Communications said it will establish a new data center campus in Bekasi, Indonesia. Once fully developed, the JKT3 data center will be able to support up to 18,000 square meters (7,800 racks) of IT space and 45 megawatts of IT load. The data center was the first project of the NTT Global Data Center (GDC), which was established by NTT to strengthen its data center business. NTT Com expects the plant to be operational by 2020.
3. Google will invest an additional $3 billion in European data centers. In September, Google CEO Sandar Pichaya recently confirmed that Google plans to invest more than $3 billion in European data centers in the next two years. Among them, an additional investment of 660 million US dollars in the Hamina data center in Finland, and a cloud data center in Warsaw, Poland.
According to new data from Synergy Research, in the first half of 2019, 52 related M&A transactions in the data center market have ended, up 18% from the first half of 2018, and exceed the total transaction volume for the whole year of 2016. Synergy chief analyst John Dinsdale said: "Companies are increasingly refusing to own or operate their own data centers. As companies move workloads to cloud providers or adopt hosted facilities to accommodate their IT infrastructure, more and more Data centers are on sale. Industry giants are expanding their global footprint and continually buying small local businesses. We expect more data center acquisitions in the next five years."

Other operator investment dynamics

Reliance Jio plans to launch a large NB-IoT Reliance Jio in India in 2020. It hopes to reach 1 billion connections through its narrow-band IoT LTE network (NB-IoT) within two years. It is preparing to launch the service in January 2020. The company will run NB-IoT technology on its pan-India 4G network early next year.
CenturyLink expands its fiber network in the US and Europe CenturyLink said it has completed its first Two-phase construction, which will increase its fiber network in the US and Europe by 4.7 million fiber-optic miles. CenturyLink expects to complete European projects in the first half of 2021, with fiber deployments growing by 1.2 million miles. The new fiber infrastructure leverages Corning's ultra low loss fiber.
CityFibre adds 14 UK cities to the FTTP deployment list CityFibre says it has added 14 cities to its FTTP deployment list. As part of its £2.5 billion deployment plan, CityFibre plans to increase the number of locations that will launch a Gigabit fiber-optic broadband network to 26 in new markets. After the deployment is completed, the FTTP promotion to 26 markets will make CityFibre's network more than 2 million homes. CityFibre said it will connect 5 million homes after all its plans are implemented.
Zayo will expand its fiber-optic network in central Florida Zayo said it plans to expand its fiber-optic network coverage in central Florida. The new fiber-optic network infrastructure, including its more than 2,300-mile route, opens a new market for fiber-optic network services in Tampa and Orlando.

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