Brazil's FTTH Penetration Rate Ranks Highest In Europe At 77%

- Dec 02, 2019-

Brazil's FTTH penetration rate ranks highest in Europe at 77%

According to foreign media reports, the Spanish Ministry of Economy recently announced the country's latest annual report on broadband coverage. The report shows that as of June 2018, the number of users enjoying at least 100 Mbps services has increased by 5%, and the penetration rate has reached 81%; while the penetration rate of users enjoying at least 30Mbps services has reached 85%. The government plans to increase these penetration rates to 89% and 98% by 2020 through subsidy programs, respectively.

It is reported that the report includes fixed and mobile networks. For mobile networks, 4G coverage has reached 99.5%; for fixed networks, the Spanish government stated that Spain has built the most extensive FTT network in Europe, with more than 43 million connected household users, reaching Spanish households 77.4% of users overall, an increase of 6% compared to 2017.

In terms of regions, the penetration rates of at least 100Mbps broadband services in Madrid and Basque regions are 97.1% and 94.3%, respectively. Extremadura and Galicia have the lowest Internet usage rates, at 55.6% and 61.5%, respectively, so these regions are also the focus areas for Brazilian government subsidies.

The united Arab emirates continues to top the world in terms of fibre-to-home penetration

According to data from the FTTH Council, a leading industry body, the UAE ranks number one for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) penetration among all global peers for the third consecutive year.

 world in terms of fibre-to-home penetration

According to the annual report of the FTTH Council, the countries with the highest penetration of fiber optic networks in the world are shown. The UAE's fiber optic network coverage has surpassed Singapore, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Emirates Telecom Etisalat said the company's network is the backbone of its long-term strategy, which aims to achieve and drive digital transformation through its network. The announcement shows that it maintains a consistent leadership position in global FTTH penetration and sets a benchmark for the global telecommunications industry. This achievement was made possible by the continuous support and vision of the UAE leadership in the development and modernization of infrastructure.

Etisalat plans to invest AED 4 billion in 2019 for digital transformation, mobile and fiber optic networks. This prompted the introduction of innovative services to meet the growing and changing needs of customers across the country.

As Etisalat's strategic focus is on “promoting the future of a digital society,” the network forms an important part of the digital transformation journey. Etisalat has been investing in innovation and next-generation technologies and services to expand and enhance the network. In today's connected world, with the greater demand for computing and connectivity capabilities, this advanced network can also enable future technologies

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