5G And 6G

- Mar 04, 2020-

After 10 years, the information medium will change dramatically. The CPU and hard drive will disappear, and our phones and computers will become as thin as paper. And the key that connects everything is 6G. Unlike the 5G millimeter wave technology, 6G will usher in the terahertz era (100Hhz-10Thz), and the speed of 1Tbps is 100 times that of 5G. What is this concept? A 5G mobile phone downloads a movie in 1-2 seconds, 6G does not need to download, and accesses the cloud at any time. Everything will be realized through powerful cloud storage and cloud computing. The cloud server will provide computing power on demand. Playing games will increase computing power , Computing power becomes smaller when listening to music. Various electronic devices will completely abandon hard disks and graphics cards, and everyone only needs to hold a screen to perform all operations. 5G is just the beginning of cloud data, and 6G is the ultimate form of device miniaturization.

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