Method B 3.0mm Low Loss MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord Cabling

Method B 3.0mm Low Loss MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord Cabling

● Technical Information: FOCC's MPO / MTP® harness cable assemblies, using the high density cable and MPO / MTP® connector, utilizing fanout...

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Product Details

● Technical Information:
FOCC MTP brand connectors to LC. You have one MTP brand connector on one end and you have a breakout (usually 3 feet)of 12 LC connectors on the other side. You can use these for a few different applications for both back end and front end. In a MTP brand adapter panel, for instance, you can plug in one MTP brand connector in to the back and plug a MTP brand cable to a LC cable in the front and have the 12 LC connections go to your equipment. Or, let's say you have an MTP brand cassette that you want to be lit up by using a 12-fiber LC adapter panel. Plug in each of the 12 LC connections in the LC adapter panel and then have the MTP brand side plug into the back of the cassette. There are other applications, as well, depending on how your network is set up. Increase your transfer speed with 10 Gig 50 Micron multimode cable or increase the distance your signal can travel using singlemode. Cables may be constructed of ribbon fiber, small form factor loose tube assembly cable, or subgrouped trunking cable. Your options are only limited by your application.


● Features:
►Single mode and multi mode (flat) APC(catercorner 8 degree angled)available
►High fiber density (maximum 24 fibers for Multimode)
►Fiber in single connector: 4, 8, 12 24
►Insert/Pull latching connector
►High reflection loss with APC
►Comply with Telcordia GR-1435-CORE specification and Rosh standardMPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord



● Application:
► FTTH , CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, Test & Measurement

► Video transmission, Data transmission

►Active Device Termination

►Premise Installations

►Telecommunication and Data processing Networks

►Industrial, medical & military

►Systems Integration for Long Haul, Metro and Access Network


General Connector Specification:

TypeSingle ModeSingle ModeMulti Mode

(APC Polish)(UPC Polish)(PC Polish)
Fiber Count8,12,24 etc.8,12,24 etc.8,12,24 etc.
Fiber TypeG652D,G657A1 etc.G652D,G657A1 etc.OM1,OM2,OM3 etc.
Max. Insertion LossEliteStandardEliteStandardEliteStandard

Low Loss
Low Loss
Low Loss

≤0.35 dB≤0.75dB≤0.35 dB≤0.75dB≤0.35 dB≤0.6dB
Return Loss≥60 dB≥60 dBNA
Durability≥500 times≥500 times≥500 times
Operating Temperature-40℃~+80℃-40℃~+80℃-40℃~+80℃
Test Wavelength1310nm1310nm850nm
Insert-pull test1000 times<0.5 dB
Interchange<0.5 dB
Anti-tensile force15kgf

● Recommended buffer fiber and color-coded connectors:

Cable Type

Single-mode MTP® Elite®

Single-mode MTP® Standard

Multimode MTP® Elite®

Multimode MTP® Standard

Bare Ribbon

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-2

Mustard Color

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-3

Green Color

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-4

Aqua Color

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-5

Beige Color

Flat ribbon Cordage

Cable Ø 2.0mm

Cable Ø 3.0mm

Cable Ø 3.6mm

Cable Ø 4.5mm

Cable Ø 5.0mm

Cable Ø 5.5mm


Products Overview & Interconnect Solutions:

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-7


MPO/MTP® Temperature Cycling at 1550 nm: 

MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-8

● OEM/ODM Service:

If you want to display your own brand LOGO on the goods such as cable, package bag, label or any where. It is no any problem. Our OEM and ODM service is always ready to do it.

● High Density MTP® / MPO Cabling System In Dada Center:


MPO-12LC Hybrid Singlemode Yellow Patch Cord-9


 FOCC truly understands the value of performance to each fiber patch cables in whole line. Every cable FOCC provides must run through programming and an extensive series of platform diagnostic tests to prove its performance. In our test center, we care of every detail from staff to facilities—professionally trained staff and advanced test facilities, to ensure our customers to receive the cables with superior quality.

Professional Test Equipment
Our test program including: end-face inspection,3D interferometer test, singlemode IL and RL testing, multimode IL and RL testing.

Rigorous Test Process
Every cable will be cleaned to maintain end face free from contamination, avoiding affecting products' performance.

Strict Quality Control
We record the data of the cables after testing and filter the unqualified one to ensure providing 100% high-quality products.

FOCC MTP brand connectors to LC.


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