Disposable Medical Mask

Disposable Medical Mask

Medical disposable masks are the necessary respiratory protective equipment for medical workers and patients when they come into contact. They play a role of isolating bacteria in both directions, protecting patients and medical workers from infection by each other.

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Product Details

               Outdoor protection to prevent the spread of viruses

            Disposable medical mask-5副本

Disposable medical mask99

        Adsorption odor

Disposable medical mask101

Soft to the face

Disposable medical mask99


Disposable medical mask66

Three layers of filtration

Disposable medical mask77

Soft material

Disposable medical mask88

Prevent dust and droplets

How to choose a disposable mask

                                                                Filtering effect

Disposable medical mask5
Disposable medical mask4


                                                          Degree of facial fit

Disposable medical mask3

 Disposable medical mask-2

Disposable medical mask1

Disposable medical mask


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