How to set up a perfect CWDM DWDM combination network

- Apr 19, 2018-

How to set up a perfect CWDM&DWDM combination network?

client needsExtended upgrade: Connect the 40ch DWDM MUX to the 1550nm channel of the 8ch CWDM MUX to implement channel combination. Node requirements: The link length is 65km, and two nodes need to be added at 15km and 50km.Design1. Due to the limitation of bandwidth, 40 DWDM channels cannot be expanded. Therefore, FS engineers use 8ch C27-C34 DWDM MUX to meet customers' application requirements. 2. Since the losses of the MUX, OADM, and total fiber are ≤23dB, an amplifier can be used to amplify the output of a single channel to 8dB, thereby optimizing link signal quality and reducing errors. 3. Add 1ch OADM to the nodes to download and upload signals

Fs Hybrid_CWDM_DWDM_03.png

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