Fiber patch Panels

- Apr 17, 2018-

Fiber Patch Panel – Solution for Your Network Challenge

Generally found in a telecommunications closet, fiber patch panel provides ease of administration by enabling the process of moves, adds and changes (MACs) in complex spaces. It lets you terminate cable elements and connect the signal to its final destination via a patch cord. The unceasing need for network speed and efficiency makes data center a more demanding place, and patch panels also evolve to satisfy it.

How Does Fiber Patch Panel Help in Network Cabling?

When designing a data center, deciding which interconnectivity system to deploy and how to configure them should be at the top of your list. The majority of manufactures are making cable management a primary focus when choosing patch panels. In this part, we’ll focus on the components in the aforementioned fiber patch panel solution.

Multimedia Modular Panel: Mix and Match Fiber & Copper

Patch panels are one of the few components used in both copper and fiber cabling environments. Although fiber optic cable has proven itself to be a reliable alternative in transmitting data, copper cabling still holds a solid position in data center. So in some occasions we need to integrate fiber and copper to take advantage of both solutions. A multimedia modular panel makes the process simple and cost-effective. The multimedia modular panel allows copper outlets to be mixed in the same rack mount space as fiber modules, offering exceptional versatility and robustness to your system. It accommodates up to six different keystone jacks and adapters, suited for Cat6a/6/5e/5 Ethernet cables and LC/SC/MTP fiber patch cables.


MTP-LC Breakout Patch Panel Makes Smooth Migration to 40/100G

There is a time when data traffic keeps accelerating that legacy 10/25G systems fail to handle, making migration to higher-speed 40/100G imperative. In this case, the 96-fiber MTP-LC breakout patch panel can assist in making the connection. Simply use MTP cables to connect your 40/100Gb switches to the rear ports of the panel, then add duplex LC cables to connect your 10 Gb devices to the breakout panel's front ports. This MTP-LC breakout patch panel is designed with a removable cable management plate at the back, it effectively simplifies trunk cable organization, facilitates installation and reduces cable clutter.

What About Ultra High-Density Cabling? – FHD&FHX Come to Secure

The world revolves around digital data and its growth. We now rely on data to conduct business, engage in social activities and manage our lives. Therefore, network must keep peace with the insatiable demand for bandwidth. 40/100G is thus becoming ubiquitous in today’s data center, and choosing the right cabling component can combat the issue of balancing manageability and performance.

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