Air Blown Micro Fiber Optical Cable Mini Type 2 To 24 Core

Air Blown Micro Fiber Optical Cable Mini Type 2 To 24 Core

FOCC has produced a variety of specifications and excellent performance of the air-blown micro-cable, we have series of micro-fiber-optic cable and air blowing fiber unit product line, FOCC micro-cable micro-cable is divided into the central tube and layer twisted Two structures

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Product Details

Air blown micro fiber optical cable mini  type 2 to 24 core



Air Blown Mini Cable (MINI) is small size, light weight, enhanced surface outer sheath fiber unit designed for blowing into micro tube bundles by air flow. The outer thermoplastic layer provides a high level of protection and excellent installation properties.

It is usually applied in FTTX.


Small diameter

Frees up capital to expand network and client base

Network design flexibility

5/3.5mm microduct suitable

Easy to upgrade

Greater blowing distance

Fiber: G.G652D, G.657A1, G.657A2 & multimode fiber


Implementation of standards

If there is no special instructions, the implementation standards for fiber optic cables and optical fibers meet or exceed the criteria provided below.

Optical fiber  -  ITU-T G.652D, IEC 60793-2-50

Fiber optic cable  - IEC 60794-5, IEC 60794-1-2      

Order Infomation



► Jacket Chromatography: Green (can be produced according to customer requirements)

► Optical cable printing 

► Cable delivery section length

Standard section length: 2km, 4km, 6km, optical cable meter meter error -1% ~ +3%




Welcome to buy the air blown micro fiber optical cable mini type 2 to 24 core with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders. Consult the price and the quotation with us now.
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