GPON 19in rack

GPON 19in rack

FOCC's GPON 19'' rack is based on planar waveguide technology and TFF (Thin Film Filter) WDM technology, available in a variety of package sizes and multiple channel sizes; GPON 19'' rack is integrated PLC WDM two types of products are connected in series, which supports multi-channel CATV signal transmission in 1*N mode, and meets the independent IP signal uplink and downlink transmission of each channel; aggregates data, voice, and high-bandwidth requirements of CATV integrated services, widely Application and triple play, FTTX, etc

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                                            GPON 7


ItemsUnitGPON 19”rack
CATV Signal wavelengthnm1540~1560
IP Signal wavelengthnm1260~1360 (upstream)1480~1500 (downstream)
Insertion loss @IPdB≤1.5
Insertion loss @CATVdB≤15.0≤18.2≤21.8≤25.2
Isolation CATV@IPdB≥30
Isolation IP@CATVdB≥15
Return lossdB≥50
Polarization dependent lossdB≤0.3
Package dimensionmm19”1U
Operating temperature-40~+85
Connector type
LC/PC(or customize)


CWDM MUX and DEMUX LGX module 11



Lower Insertion

Lower insertion loss makes GPON 19" RACK have lower
signal attenuation in operation, thus reducing the
power requirement of signal transmitter.



Higher Isolation

The higher isolation value enables sufficient signal isolation
during multi-signal transmission in the GPON 19" RACK
effectively preventing crosstalk between signals and causing
distortion of the transmission signal.


CWDM MUX and DEMUX LGX module 10




Mature Production Technology

The GPON 19" RACK of FOCC has mature production
technology, stable and reliable performance, supports
the work in the harsh environment of - 40 ~+85 ℃,
and ensures the stable transmission of signals.


Convenient Installation Method

The GPON 19" RACK of HYC can be used independently, It can also be used with 3U rack, Insert-box size design conforms to Q/CT 2295-2010 standard.



The GPON 19" RACK of FOCC has a variety of wavelength and link structures, and can also add expansion ports, etc. according to customers.

Compliance with International Standards

The GPON 19" RACK of FOCC conforms to RoHS, Satisfies TelcordiaGR-1209 and GR-1221.



GPON 19'' rack products feature wide channel bandwidth, low insertion loss, high channel isolation, high environmental stability and reliability. The module integrates PLC and WDM products in series; it supports 1*N Multi-channel CATV signal transmission, and meet the independent IP signal uplink and downlink transmission of each channel; aggregate data, voice, CATV integrated service high-bandwidth requirements, widely used in network convergence, FTTX, etc.

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                               Triple play

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