LC PC Fiber Optic Connector/0.9/2.0/3.0mm/short Boot

LC PC Fiber Optic Connector/0.9/2.0/3.0mm/short Boot

fiber optic lc pc connector is a fiber optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch, or other telecommunication equipment.Having a thick layer of protection, it is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver, and the terminal box.

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ST connectors are the most common type of commercial fiber optic connector. These connectors utilize an exposed plastic tube housing the optical fiber. This requires a connection to a matching cable on the other side, incorporating a connector that mates to the other. These combine in a spring-loaded twist, reminiscent of BNC connectors, and are noted for their reliability.


SC connectors have the ferrule that houses the fiber mostly concealed. Probably the most similar commercial equivalent of Toslink, SC connectors do not require a mating cable on the other side. Instead, these snap-on connectors simply push into their jacks with a click.

Similar to ST connectors, these fiber optic connectors screw into their mating jacks. Additionally, the tube surrounding the optical fiber is typically shrouded in ceramic or metal, as opposed to being fully exposed. The inner ring of the connector is keyed to ensure positive mating to its corresponding jack.


LC cables latch and release into their jacks in a manner similar to Ethernet connectors. Smaller in form than SC connectors, their durability is not compromised, nor is cost increased. Instead of snapping or thermoforming the connector to the cable, it is glued. This makes it a popular connector for field use.

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  1.Optic-fiber Communication Systems

  2.Optic-fiber Data Communications

  3.Optic-fiber Access Networks

  4.Optic-fiber CATV

  5.LAN,Cabling system,ODF

  6.Test Equipment

  7.Optic-fiber Sensors

  8.FTTX applications


 1.Low Insertion Loss

 2.High Return Loss

 3.Good Repeatability

 4.Good Exchangeability

 5.High Temperature Stability


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