Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper Fibre Optical Drop Patch Patch Cable

Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper Fibre Optical Drop Patch Patch Cable

FTTH drop cable Patch cord or pigtail,refers to the drop cable ends with a connector plug,used to achieve optical active connection,also be made into a single head pigtails,and Flexible Splice,Quick connect and other products combined application,Connector types are SC-PC(APC) and FC-PC(APC) ,For FTTH project corridor boxes,drop cable distribution boxes,FTTH fiber boxes and other forms of installation

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Product Details

Fiber Optic Pigtail - Ideal for Splicing

-It is utilized to achieve accurate mounting on precision alignment of fiber optical components.

Connector Type Abbreviations:
SC - a snap-in style connector. Known for its excellent performance. Referred to as Subscriber Connectors, Square Connectors or Standard Connectors.
ST - a very popular choice connector for Multimode networks. Also referred to as Straight Tip connectors, they utilize a bayonet-style coupling type, enabling a simple twist-on and twist-off installation.
FC - was at one time the most popular single mode connector type, but is now typically being replaced by SC and LC connectors. Also known as Ferrule Connectors, they utilize a screw-on coupling type to be used in high-vibration environments and are commonly used for datacom, telecom, measurement equipment and single-mode lasers.
LC - a small form factor connector-measuring half the size of an SC connector. This is a popular choice for single mode cables. Also referred to as Lucent Connectors, Little Connectors or Local Connectors, these snap-in connectors are typically used for high density connections and are compatible with plug-and-play devices such as SFP modules and XFP transceivers.
Polish Type Abbreviations:
Note: The polish type affects the amount of back reflection, also known as reflectance.
PC - Physical Contact. Polished to create a slight dome at the end of the ferrule that helps to maximize the signal being transmitted.
UPC - Ultra Physical Contact. More extensive polishing than the PC type, a greater dome shape is created that further help to maximize the signal being transmitted.
APC - Angled Physical Contact. Polished at an angle rather than a dome shape. This is the most efficient polish type.

Performance Feature:

High precision pins for fiber alignment

  UPC and APC available

  SM or MM, 1/2/4 more cores are available

  Cable type 0.9/2.0/3.0mm available

  Push/pull mating for quick installation

  High density and compact size

  Compliant with RoHS

  Lost cost

  High return loss

  Loss insertion loss

 Applications of FTTH Patch Cord



  Fiber Tester

  Communication Network

  Telecommunication Network

60 M SC Connector Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper Fibre Optical Drop Patch Patch Cable



Single mode






Cable diameter

3.0*2.0mm drop cable or other specified

Cable capacity

1core, 2core, 4core, 8core, 12core or other specified

Fiber type

G652D, G657A1,G657A2

Insertion los s(dB)



Return loss (dB)






≤0.3 ,1000 times

Operating temperature 

-40 ~ + 85 °C

Storage temperature 

-40 ~ + 85 °C

Connector type


Cable jacket

LSZH,PVC (white, black, yellow optional)

Optical fiber mechanical performance

TEST report


Screening level (%)


Minimum bending radius (mm)

10    ( G657A1 )

Coating stripping force (N)

Peak  1.3≤F≤8.9 

Average   1≤F≤5 

Static fatigue index (nd)


Dynamic tensile strength (Gpa)


Single core secondary coating diameter


Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper 2

Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper 3

Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper 4

Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper 5

Outdoor FTTH Fiber Optic Jumper 6

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