MTRJ to MTRJ Duplex 3.0mm or 2.0mm PVC or LSZH

MTRJ to MTRJ Duplex 3.0mm or 2.0mm PVC or LSZH

● Technical Description: The fiber optic patch cords are mainly used on patch panel or for the connection between outlets and terminal equipment.

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Product Details

Product Description
  with MTRJ to MTRJ termination, this high quality fiber optic patch cable is specifically designed for ethernet, multimedia, or communication applications. The MTRJ connector features an easy-to-use latch-type design similar to the RJ connector on a Cat5 patch cable, and is half the size of the SC connector. With its small footprint design, the MTRJ connector can increase the port density.

The patented injection molding process provides each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impacts from cabling installs.

Each cable is 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before you receive it. A pull-proof jacket design surrounds the popular 62.5/125 multimode fiber, immune to electrical interference.


● Features: MTRJ to MTRJ -3 

► RoHS Compliant; 

► Standard & custom configurations;
► Meets Telecordia-GR-326-CORE standards;
► Easy installation;
► Environmentally stable;
► Low insertion loss, high return loss;
► Ultra low back reflection;
► For 3.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.0mm jacket or 900um buffer;
► Single mode fiber: ITU - T G. 652D;
► Multi mode fiber: ITU - T G. 651;
► Fiber Min. Bending radius: 10D (Static).


● Mechanical Drawing:



● Application:


● Specifications:

Optical Multimode 1 (OM1) fiber supporting 200/500 OFL at 850/1300 nm.
• MTRJ Connector Dimensions: 7.5mm Height x 9.5mm Width x 56mm Depth
• Maximum Connector Loss: 0.50 dB
• Typical Connector Loss: 0.30 dB
• Typical Return Loss: -25 dB
• Buffer Material: PVC
• Buffer OD: 900 µm
• Jacket Material: PVC (OFNR riser-rated)
• Jacket OD: 2.8 mm
• Installation Tensile Load: 100 N (445 lbs)
• Long-Term Tensile Load: 50 N (222 lbs)
• Maximum Tensile Load: 100 N/cm
• Installation (Loaded) Minimum Bend Radius: 5.0cm (1.97in)
• Long-Term (Unloaded) Minimum Bend Radius: 3.0cm (1.2in)
• Crush Resistance: 750 N/cm
• Impact Resistance: 1,000 cycles
• Flex Resistance: 5,000 cycles
• Attenuation at 1300 nm: 1.0 dB/km
• Attenuation at 850 nm: 3.5 dB/km
• Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Please Note: Attenuation testing performed in accordance with EIA/TIA-455-171A. 

● Fiber Parameter:





Cladding Non-Circularity



Coating Diameter



Cladding-Coating Concentricity Error



Core Diameter



Cladding Diameter





● High Quality and Cost-effective 62.5/125μm Singlemode Fiber Patch Cable:
The 62.5/125μm single mode fiber patch cable meets RoHS compliant, and all cables are 100% optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high quality, it is very cost-effective for network cabling. FOCC also provides a full set of OEM services, such as fiber connector, length, color, fiber grade, specification, material, package etc.

 ● FOCC Workshop:


 after-sales service


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