Mode Conversion Fiber Jumper

Mode Conversion Fiber Jumper

Mode conversion plug-in cable (MCP) is a double multimode patch cord with a short section of single-mode fiber at the beginning of the transmission length. This optical cable is designed to adjust the laser emission and obtain the effective bandwidth, so that the effective bandwidth is close to the bandwidth measured by the overflow emission method. MCP allows the laser transmitter to operate at a gigabit rate when using multimode fiber. Will not be limited by the difference in modulus delay. The key point is to excite a larger number of modes in the fiber, and weigh the mode system. The overflow emission condition highly excites the mode system, which can avoid the large-scale excitation of individual mode systems with the same power level. The laser can be launched into a single-mode fiber and then connected to a multi-mode fiber. The access point is off-center relative to the fiber core of the single-mode fiber

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Product Details

Compliance with international standards
The mode-conditioning patch cords provided by FOCC can meet Telcordia GR 326 or IEC 61300-2; it is compliant with RoHS, IEC61754, IEC 61753-1, IEC61300-3-4 and other standards.

Mode Conversion Fiber Jumper

GR 326 or IEC 61300-2RoHSIEC 61753-1IEC 61754

Application example

SM-MM Mode-Conditioning Patch Cord_28.jpg

Mode Conversion Fiber Jumper


SM-MM Mode-Conditioning Patch Cord_19.jpg

LC-SC Duplex SM-MM(OM3) 3.0mm
mode-conditioning patch cord

SM-MM Mode-Conditioning Patch Cord_19-08.jpg

LC-FC Duplex SM-MM(OM4) 3.0mm
mode-conditioning patch cord

SM-MM Mode-Conditioning Patch Cord_19-07.jpg

LC-LC Duplex SM-MM(OM3) 3.0mm
mode-conditioning patch cord

Multiple styles and can be customized
FOCC provides a variety of mode-conditioning patch cords, and can also be customized.

Number of coresCable diameterFerrule typeCable colorInput connectorOutput connector
Single core



Double core3.0mmAPCRose redSTST


ItemsSingle modeMulti mode
Fiber diameter9/125um62.5/125um 50/125um
Operation temperature-25℃~+70℃

 Mode Conversion Fiber Jumper






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