LC UPC to MTRJ Duplex 3.0mm or 2.0mm PVC or LSZH 9/125 Jacket Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable

LC UPC to MTRJ Duplex 3.0mm or 2.0mm PVC or LSZH 9/125 Jacket Single Mode Fiber Patch Cable

● High Quality and Cost-effective 9/125 μ m Single-mode Fiber Patch Cable: The MT-RJ to LC fiber optic cable is great for a variety of applications...

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Product Details

● High Quality and Cost-effective 9/125μm Single-mode Fiber Patch Cable:
The MT-RJ to LC fiber optic cable is great for a variety of applications, including video and conferencing. Both the MT-RJ and LC connectors are reliable options with favorable return loss specifications. Keep your wiring closet or telecom room safe from outside tinkering, and keep track of your secure networks with our selection of 10 secure MT-RJ cable colors that make it easy to identify different network configurations. Using the MT-RJ to LC cable with OM1 fiber optics, you can send data over a 62.5/125 micron glass fiber 1Gbps link a distance of up to 300 meters at a wavelength of 850nm or a distance of up to 550 meters at 1300nm. For a 10Gbps link, you can transfer data a distance of up to 33 meters at 850nm.

● Features:
► Suitable for SMF or MMF Cable;
► 100% Tested and Individual Package;image001(001).jpg 

► Quality design for Indoor Use;
► Low insertion and high return loss;
► Different cores are optional.

● Application:
► Data center and TLC infrastructure;
► High bit rate data transmission;
► Telecommunication networks;
► Data processing networks;
► Metro applications;
► Military, medical and industrial;
► Active device termination;
► CATV system;
► Active device terminations;
► FTTx (including FTTB, FTTC, FTTD, FTTH).

● Payment & Shipping Terms:
► Delivery In 7 - 15 Business Days;
► Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece MOQ On Request;
► Packaging Details: 1 ea for individual static-free bag;
► Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram;
► Supply Ability: 5000 Pieces Per Monthly.

● Brief Introduction:


Fiber Dia.


Fast Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet

1 Gigabit Ethernet




2000 Meters

275 Meters

550 Meters
 (mode conditioning patch cable required)




550 Meters

 (Laser Optimized)



550 Meters

 (Laser Optimized)






5km at 1310nm

5km at 1310nm

PS: The difference of OM4 and OM3 fiber mode as the following
1.OM4 was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 10 Gig / second link distances of up to 550 Meters (compared to 300M with OM3).
2.The effective modal bandwidth for OM4 is more than double that of OM3.
3.For OM4 patch cable, it is 4700 while for OM3, it is 2000  


● Fiber Parameter:




Cladding Non-Circularity



Coating Diameter



Cladding-Coating Concentricity Error



Core Diameter



Cladding Diameter



● Patch Cable Assembled Working Float:


● We do also have those connectors for assembly bellow:

● How to correctly choose between PVC, LSZH and OFNP?
PVC Cable: PVC cable resistant to oxidation and degradation, is used for horizontal runs between the table. It is also work for vertical runs if the building features a contained ventilation system running through the duct work.

LSZH Cable: LSZH cable has a special flame-retardant coating, and excellent fire safety characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity and low corrosion.
It is same to PVC cable for horizontal runs between the table.

OFNP Cable: OFNP cable is a space within the building created by building components, designed for the movement of environmental air, complies with the NFPA fire safety.
It is usually work for vertical runs between floors.

Welcome to buy the lc upc to mtrj duplex 3.0mm or 2.0mm pvc or lszh 9/125 jacket single mode fiber patch cable with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also welcome the customized orders. Consult the price and the quotation with us now.

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