LC To ST Duplex Single Mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord

LC To ST Duplex Single Mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord

FOCC provide 1m 2m 3m 5m....30m LC-ST single mode fiber patch cord. The 9/125μm OS2 single mode bend insensitive fiber optic cable is less attenuation when bent or twisted compared with traditional optical fiber cables and this will make the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic cables more efficient. It can also save more space for your high density cabling in data centers, enterprise networks, telecom room, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any places fiber patch cables are needed...

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Product Details

High Quality and Cost-Effective 9/125μm Single Mode Bend Insensitive Fiber Optic Cable

FOCC's large range of singlemode fibre patch leads and OS1 fibre optic cable selection. We stock large quantities of fibre patch leads – also known as fibre patch cords or fibre patch cables – and invite you to use the filtered navigation to the left to find the best sinlgemode fibre optic cable solutions at highly competitive prices and to exacting quality standards. The filters allow you to define your requirements by length from short 15cm fibre patch leads right through to 100m or more singlemode fibre optic cable options. We offer a comprehensive range of terminations including ST, SC, FC, LC ,MTRJ,MU,MPO/MTP...etc

Product Highlights

Industry Standard Fiber Optic Cable

The fiber optic cable has industry standard flammability rating PVC jacket and duplex fiber connector which meets EIA/TIA 604-2 for high speed cabling networks.

LC To ST Duplex Single Mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord03

Connector TypeLC to STPolish TypeUPC to UPC
Fiber ModeOS2 9/125μmWavelength1310/1550nm
Insertion Loss≤0.3dBReturn Loss≥50dB
Fiber GradeG.657.A1 (Compatible with G.652.D)Minimum Bend Radius10mm
Attenuation at 1310 nm0.36 dB/kmAttenuation at 1550 nm 0.22 dB/km
Fiber CountDuplexCable Diameter2.0mm
Cable JacketPVCPolarityA(Tx) to B(Rx)
Operating Temperature-20~80℃Storage Temperature-40~80℃

● End-Face Type: PC/UPC/APC
● Fiber Diameter: 0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm
● Available for simplex and duplex
● The outer jacket can be PVC, LSZH, Armored etc
● Available for different connectors: SC, LC, FC, ST, MPO, MTP, MU, DIN, D4, E2K etc
● Fiber Type: Single mode fiber G652D, G657A1 and G657A2, Multimode fiber OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 are available
● Low insertion loss and high return loss, high dense connection, easy for operation
● Customer lengths and connectors are available upon request

LC To ST Duplex Single Mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord04

10mm Minimum Bend Radius-The bend performance improves duct utilization, enabling smaller enclosures.

Zirconia Ceramic Ferrule-Optimum IL and RL ensure stable signal transmission, protecting your network safety.

LC To ST Duplex Single Mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord05

Our Test Center of Fiber Optic Cables
FOCC has performed comprehensive benchmark testing on the fiber assemblies, including standard fiber patch cable, ultra high density cable, MTP/MPO cable and pre-terminated cable to ensure high quality.

3D Interferometer Test
3D interferometer provides verification of MTP/MPO polishing process, and making all parameters of the polished MT ferrule complies and exceeds industry standards.

End-Face Inspection
Clean optical connectors are paramount in providing a reliable, high-performance fiber optic infrastructure.

Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testing
The IL&RL of multimode can be tested at the same time on the multimode cable equipment, but for singlemode cable, it needs to be twisted the cable around a rod to test the return loss on the singlemode cable equipment.

● Computer networks
● Telecommunication networks
● ODF of optical transmission system
● High speed data transmission network
● High quality graphic transmission network
● Connection of optical transmission equipment

Our Advantages

Quality Certification--Passed many quality system verification, like ISO, CE, RoHS and EIA/TIA;

Large Stock--Large stock of cables for same-day shipping;

Rigorous Testing Standards--Every cable is tested individually in our test center;

FOCC's Lifetime Warranty--With a lifetime warranty on all cables, a 1-3 year warranty on devices, and a Lifetime Guarantee against defects in workmanship on all custom products, you can be sure your investment is protected;

 SC to SC Duplex Single mode PVC(OFNP) Patch Cord10


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