LC Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord

LC Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord

LC push-pull tab fiber patch cable has the same components and internal structure as the standard LC fiber patch cords, except a tab attached to the connector used for pushing or pulling the whole connector. The push-pull tab looks simple but it is linked to the latch of the LC connector. When the tab is pulled, the latch will be unlocked easily and the LC connector can be pulled out from the patch panel without difficulty

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Product Details

FOCC’s range of LC Uniboot style patchcords with integrated push/pull tab are the idealsolution for high density patching environments. The unique push pull tab allows easy finger access and a secure holding fixture for any patching or handling process. The attractive, low profile uniboot connector design utilises round 2 mm duplex cord for neater and denser cable management. For multimode OM4 and OM3 applications, low loss connectors are used to offer the lowest possible channel loss.





• Integrated push pull tab for ease of access and handling
• Low profile design reduces patching footprint
• Round 2 mm DX fibre design minimises patch cable volume and enhances looming neatness
• Low loss, high performance multimode connectors to minimise channel losses

Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord


Performance Index

ItemSM(Single Mode)MM(Multimode)
Fiber Cable TypeG652/G655/G657OM1OM2/OM3/OM4
Fiber Diameter (um)9/12562.5/12550/125
Cable OD (mm)0.9/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.4/3.0
Typical Insertion Loss (dB)<0.2<0.15<0.2<0.1<0.1
Return Loss (dB)>45>50>60/
Insert-pull Test (dB)<0.2<0.3<0.15
Interchangeability (dB)<0.1<0.15<0.1
Anti-tensile Force (N)>70
Temperature Range (℃)-40~+80


• Termination enclosure to equipment patching
• Equipment to equipment patching
• Cross-connect patching (for high density patching)

The Switchable uniboot cable is a unique design that allows to switch polarity without using any tooling. It is commonly used in data centers where cable counts are high and space limited.

Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord1

*Telecommunication networks

*Fiber optic communication networks

*Optical access network

*Data processing networks


Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord2

We Services
Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord3
  1. Cable Color. Red, Purple, White, Black, Orange and Pink can be customized. As to customized colors, our MOQ is 500 meters.
    2. Double-Colored boot Combination. Red-Blue, Red-Black, Blue-White, White-Green, Yellow-Blue, Black-Blue etc.
    3. Cable Printing. SM/MM, Cable O.D, Cable Jacket, Length, Parameters, Specifications can be printed on the cable.
    4. Cable Tag. Flag tag and wrap-around tag for options, the tagged information can be customized.
    5. Custom Logo. The customized logo can be printed on the packing bag as you required, any color, any size.
    6. Custom Length. Any length can be customized as you required.
    7. Custom Label. The paper label stick on the packing bag can be made with your required information.
    8. Custom Package. The Brown carton can be printed with your logo.

Push Pull Tab Fiber Optic Patch Cord4


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