LC/UPC - SC/UPC Duplex OM3 PVC (OFNR) jumper

LC/UPC - SC/UPC Duplex OM3 PVC (OFNR) jumper

Patch Cords are used to provide optical connection for fiber optic electronics. The use of the patch cord provides a quick and easy method for routing fiber patches in data centers, head-ends, cellular hubs and central offices. The patch cord can be used in an interconnect or cross-connect path connecting the incoming fibers to the electronic equipment and providing patching within the fiber paths. Patch Cords include simplex, duplex and Multi-fibers assemblies. OM3 50/125 Multimode LC/UPC to SC/UPC Duplex Armored Fiber Optic Cable Armored fiber optic cable with build-in metal armor can provide stronger protection of the optical fibers than standards fiber optic cables. The rugged armored cables allow optical fiber to be installed in the most hazardous areas, including environments with excessive dust, oil, gas, moisture, or even damage-causing rodents.

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Product Details

LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored

PVC (OFNR) Patch Cable


OM3 Laser Optimized fiber with 3.0mm cable diameter is perfect for 10G, 40G and 100G higher bandwidth application

LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 124.pngLC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 125.pngLC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 126.png 


OM3 50/125 Multimode LC/UPC to SC/UPC Duplex  Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber optic patch cords are used to jump from the device to the fiber optic cabling link. There is a thick protective layer, generally used in the optical terminal and the terminal box between the connection, used in optical fiber communication systems, fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission

Technical Information

Connector A


Connector B


Fiber Mode


Fiber Type


Cable Diameter


Cable Jacket

Single Armored

Cable Color


Cable Material

Stainless steel tube, PVC

Min.Bending Radius (Dynamic)

≥30D (mm)

Tensile Loads

100~132 lbs

Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Quality Certification

Quality and standards are the foundation of FOCC. We are dedicated to providing customers with the outstanding, standards-compliant products and services.FOCC has passed many quality system verifications, like ISO9001 and RoHS, established an internationally standardized quality assurance system and strictly implemented standardized management and control in the course of design, development, production, installation and service.

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Higher quality but lower price :Business Process Outsourcing. Outsourcing the repetitive non-core or core production process to professional suppliers, reduce cost; improve service at the same time. Can concentrate on control of the company's core technology, achieve high-end products positioning as well as understand the whole industry chain deeply

Complete solution, meet individual requirements   

We thoughtfully consider from the initial design to material and supplier selection, from the main parts to one wire or even a screw. Combination local geographical, climatic characteristics, as well as factors such as regional culture in of product design, and fully customized to meet the requirements.

Professional technique, quality assurance:Control the quality from the source, professional product engineers and sales engineers make checks at all levels.

ERP management :All management runs through pre-sale, sales, after- sale strictly in accordance with the ERP.

Standardization,Atumization,Vitrification,Definite Responsibility,More Optimized Flow



Product Highlights

     Fiber Optic Cable - Designed for the Harshest Environments

Low insertion loss and high return loss

Serialized & Individual Test Records

Guaranteed Zero Defects

3D fiber interferometer is available

Pluggable structure, easy to intensive-installation

Meets RoHS and Bell core GR 326-core standards

Custom Configurations Available at No Extra Charge


LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 2728.png 

LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 2750.png 

Armored Optical Fiber Cords Structure

Constructed with an helical stainless steel tape over a buffered fibre surrounded by a layer of aramid and stainless steel mesh with an outer jacket.

LC UPC to SC UPC Duplex OM3 Armored 2940.png 



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